Michael Fields, MD, FACOG

  • da Vinci® Hysterectomy

    Dr. Fields accepts referrals from across the nation for complex procedures including difficult hysterectomies. He has safely completed all of these complex procedures without the need for an "open abdominal" incision since 2006. In addition, hysterectomies in Dr. Fields' hands are an outpatient procedure with a quick recovery compared to other methods of hysterectomies.

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  • da Vinci® Sacrocolpopexy

    Dr. Fields is one of the first surgeons to successfully employ this procedure for vaginal/pelvic prolapse with a minimally invasive technique. This procedure is fast becoming standard of care due to the permanence of the repair and quick recovery time.

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  • da Vinci® Endometriosis Resection

    Dr. Fields pioneered a new procedure using the da Vinci to treat endometriosis. The precision of the da Vinci allows for safer, more complex treatment of the disease, leading to better outcomes.

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  • da Vinci® Myomectomy

    Dr. Fields has extensive experience in fibroid removal with the da Vinci; whether for pain, bleeding or fertility concerns. This procedure is successful regardless of the size, location or number of fibroids and presents an alternative to hysterectomy in appropriate patients.

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  • Why choose Dr.Fields

    Individualized, personal care and treatment.

    Professional staff and private office setting.

    One of the most experienced robotic minimally invasive surgeons in the nation.

    Major surgical procedures safely reduced to day surgery.

    Concierge services available for long distance referrals.

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  • Obstetrical Care

    Dr. Fields offers personalized obstetric care and delivery options with strong emphasis on patients' preferences. The office and hospital are state of art with 3D/4D ultrasound, high risk services and luxury delivery suites.

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About Michael Fields, MD FACOG

Dr. Fields is a board-certified physician and surgeon practicing in the Knoxville area since 2001.  He maintains a busy women's health practice within the Tennova Healthcare system.  He has long been an advocate for advanced medical care access for women in medicine and surgery, recognizing that health and wellness require a comprehensive approach specific to each individual woman.

Dr. Fields has been a pioneer in the fields of robotic and computer assisted surgery. He is nationally recognized for his contributions to robotic surgery and receives referrals for complex surgeries from across the nation. He is designated as one of twenty national surgeon "Epicenters" providing advanced robotic surgery training to other surgeons. He provides consultations to hospitals and robotic surgery programs to improve their level of quality and efficiency.  He serves currently as Director of Robotic Surgery for Turkey Creek Medical Center.

Dr. Fields has served in leadership positions for several hospitals and health related boards in our region, and he served as a consultant to the national Health and Wellness for Women directive.

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