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In recent years there have been several devices designed specifically to help women who suffer from a variety of painful and troubling symptoms that affect the internal and/or external vagina. Votiva is one such device offered by Dr. Fields that seeks to resolve a range of feminine health concerns using vaginal rejuvenation therapy.

Who Can Benefit from Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Many common conditions and life events like childbirth, menopause, and urinary incontinence can cause tissues of the vagina to lose a significant amount of collagen and elastin. In addition, this loss can be caused by natural aging. The relaxation of these tissues is known as laxity.

You may notice some similar loss of collagen and elastin in other tissues, such as in thinning lip lines or sagging skin. Just like the cells of the face, the cells of the vagina and vulva begin to lose their smooth and supple texture, which can lead to a host of painful and concerning symptoms.

Fortunately, Votiva vaginal rejuvenation therapy works to stimulate growth of new collagen and elastin within the tissues of the vagina and vulva, which can lead to some of the following benefits for our patients:

  • Reduces vaginal dryness
  • Improves mild to moderate urinary incontinence
  • Decreases discomfort during intercourse
  • Strengthens vaginal muscles
  • Reduces excess labial tissue
  • Enhances sexual desire
  • Increases vaginal sensitivity

What to Expect During Votiva Treatments

The specialists at Fields Center for Women’s Health & Robotic Surgery will ensure that patients remain comfortable throughout their vaginal rejuvenation therapy treatment. Votiva is completely non-hormonal and non-surgical, making it an incredibly safe and gentle option for patients to consider.

The Votiva workstation is fully equipped with a variety of devices that may be used for different patients based on the unique case and goal of treatment. Such technologies include:

  • The FormaV: A wand-like instrument that is excellent for women who have not seen satisfactory results from traditional vaginal tightening exercises like Kegels. This device has shown encouraging results in the strengthening of pelvic floor muscles to relieve issues of sexual dysfunction.
  • Morpheus8: This device delivers radio-frequency energy to external tissues to produce long-lasting results of tightened, collagen-rich skin. Morpheus8 may also be used by cosmetic specialists for treatments of the face and elsewhere on the body.
  • Aviva: An exceptional alternative to labiaplasty, Aviva is used in a minimally invasive procedure to reduce a patient’s labia tissue.

Most patients of Dr. Fields’ will be recommended for sessions that utilize the FormaV device. These treatments will not be painful, though patients may experience a small amount of discomfort during the procedure. Since each person’s pain tolerance is quite different, it is important that you speak up to your physician if at any time you are uncomfortable during your Votiva treatments.

Follow Up Care

Votiva treatments are very minimally invasive, which means that a large majority of patients are able to return to their normal activities without any downtime. It is recommended that women wait to have intercourse until approximately 24-48 hours after their most recent session. Dr. Fields will be able to answer any questions or concerns about this waiting period for each patient based on her experience during treatment.

How Quick Are the Results?

Many patients will notice an improvement in their symptoms after only one Votiva treatment. However, it is typically recommended that women complete at least 2 total sessions in order to achieve optimal results. These sessions will be spaced 4-6 weeks apart to prevent the vaginal tissues from becoming overstimulated or aggravated.

Learn More from Dr. Fields

If you have additional questions about Votiva, or would like to go ahead and schedule your first treatment, please call us at (865) 288-7300 to set up a one-on-one consultation with our specialist.